Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My "other" baby!

My newest baby arrived on Monday.  I was, quite honestly, jumping up and down with excitement and anticipation waiting for their arrival.  Now all I have to do is give them a proper name!
What's this you're asking?  Cathy didn't you have a baby in October, how could you have another one?  Well yes I did have a baby in October, and he is a squishy, awesome little man who keeps me up all night, but my latest arrival to the family is a metallic, electronic bundle of joy who will keep me up all night!

I finally have a new computer, and with it comes all new possibilities!  To put why I'm so excited into perspective, I purchased my first Apple laptop in 2007/2008.  That was around 8 years ago, and I never updated any of the specs on it.  For the past year or two I have been completely unable to do any digital artwork due to the age of my laptop.  It simply wasn't able to run the programs anymore.
I felt like I had lost a part of myself.

Now though I couldn't be happier, because I get a chance to jump back into the thick of it with my new to me (refurbished) iMac.  With having it I am now able to start considering expanding my scrappyness too. because now with video editing capabilities I can give serious consideration to making process videos!!!

Thanks for sitting through my ramblings,  now I've got to get back to scrapping!

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