Monday, 1 April 2013

Let's get it started

This is an older scrap layout.  Pictures were taken in 2009 and the layout was done in 2011 I believe.  I figured the best way to start my blog was to put up some of my older stuff right now and then I can move on to the newer projects.  I still have to take photos of the newer ones anyway so this will give me some time!
Poor Seth, he just doesn't like that Woody towel, but it made for a very cute photo.  Yet another oldie.  Most of my oldies are of my son, but now that I have a little girl too I'll be posting both boy and girl layouts as well as projects and home decor.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

In the beginning

As this is my first blog . . . ever . . . I don't have all that much to say right now, but what I'm hoping is to turn this place into a nice little online retreat for me to come and show some of the projects I'm working on as well as finished pieces while I also gab about life, love, kids, and all things creative.