Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The holidays are here

Well, not really.  But if you're anything like me you scrap your holiday photos at any other time but during the holidays.  There's always so much going on that I just don't feel like then sitting down and scrapping moments that just happened about five minutes beforehand!

I really tend to get on a holiday kick in the spring and summer, so just like clockwork as Easter approaches here I find myself scrapping Halloween and Christmas photos!  Hope you enjoy, thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

A ball of nerves

Who ever thought one could be a ball of nerves over applying for a Design Team call, but here I am at home a big nervous wreck, and it'll be quite a bit before we find out who was chosen.  I guess this time around it means so much to me because I've been trying to use my design skills and creativity to become more of a presence in the scrapbook community.  I would love to create my own scrapbooking line of products and papers, and every advance forward helps!  Well, whether I get it or not I know I did my best and I'll always keep trying to move forward in the industry because for me, after working in the design industry, and experiencing first hand the discrimination and sexism that still exist, it would be nice to work in an industry primarily driven by women!

Enough jibber jabber though, it's time to get to a new layout.  One of my goals of 2016 (one of the only ones I've kept so far) was to be in more photos and do more personal layouts.  I would also like to start doing this for my husband too, so when the kids look back on our lives they see us as well as themselves.  In an effort to continue my goal I completed this layout.  I decided to focus on my new commitment to myself to love what I've got to work with, and to not be afraid of what is the proper thing for a girl my age or size to wear.  I want to wear and look how I want from now on, and if people don't like it, then fine, don't look!

Thanks for visiting and taking a look!  Have an awesome day!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My "other" baby!

My newest baby arrived on Monday.  I was, quite honestly, jumping up and down with excitement and anticipation waiting for their arrival.  Now all I have to do is give them a proper name!
What's this you're asking?  Cathy didn't you have a baby in October, how could you have another one?  Well yes I did have a baby in October, and he is a squishy, awesome little man who keeps me up all night, but my latest arrival to the family is a metallic, electronic bundle of joy who will keep me up all night!

I finally have a new computer, and with it comes all new possibilities!  To put why I'm so excited into perspective, I purchased my first Apple laptop in 2007/2008.  That was around 8 years ago, and I never updated any of the specs on it.  For the past year or two I have been completely unable to do any digital artwork due to the age of my laptop.  It simply wasn't able to run the programs anymore.
I felt like I had lost a part of myself.

Now though I couldn't be happier, because I get a chance to jump back into the thick of it with my new to me (refurbished) iMac.  With having it I am now able to start considering expanding my scrappyness too. because now with video editing capabilities I can give serious consideration to making process videos!!!

Thanks for sitting through my ramblings,  now I've got to get back to scrapping!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Gettin' it done!

Phew, it's been a busy little bit since I posted last.  I'm still trying to figure out a way to put up a file that people can download so that I can offer some of the cut files I've been making for my Silhouette Cameo.  Once I can figure that out I'll be sure to make a weekly download feature :)

I'm also brimming with excitement because I just ordered a new computer.  It's a refurbished iMac but it's new to me!  I just know I'll cry when it's delivered.  I can't wait to have a functioning computer with photo and video editing capabilities so that I can get off my husbands laptop.  Once I get my computer I'll be giving some serious thought to doing process videos.  I've been asked in the past about them and now I may be one step closer to getting to make some!

Anyway here are a few pages I've worked on in the past little while.  Eeeeeek! I'm so excited to have a new working computer to call my very own!