Wednesday, 19 February 2014

More oldies but goodies

I decided to skim back through my older scrapbook pages and find a few more that I really wanted to post.  I came across these next two ones about my son.  One was completed sometime in either 2012 or early 2013 and one I did quite a few years ago but it seemed to hold up against the test of time pretty well.
The first one is my older layout.  The picture I took of my son was from 2010 when he was just a bit over a year old.  Back then he has the most gorgeous curls and I hated having to trim them.  He was terrible for getting out the patio door and down the stairs before I would even notice him missing.  He ended up being the reason we had so many locks on doors.  I guess boys will be boys.

Boys Will Be Boys

This particular layout was created to show us enjoying a great snack at a local greasy spoon after a day
spent at my in-laws cottages. It was nearing the end of summer and I just felt that this moment of enjoying some fries and ice cream together as a family captured my feelings about summer perfectly.
I ended up only taking pictures of Seth this time as Lilith (Lily) was only a few months old and asleep in her car seat at the time.

Summer Fries

Thanks so much for taking a peek, I'll see you soon :)

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