Friday, 21 February 2014

Paris will have to wait

So it occurred to me that I have been posting lots of stuff here lately, and I do get a few pageviews, which is nice, though I have no clue if my posts are actually read, but in case they are, I haven't actually been writing or posting like myself.
I'm an inappropriate, sarcastic, wildly geeky person, but my posts don't really reflect that, also, I haven't cursed or anything, which I do heavily from time to time.  I also don't talk much about my life or anything here, and I had wanted this to be a blog about life as well as crafting.
Well, in the spirit of that I promise to make my posts more amusing whenever possible and infuse them with more of my personality.
Now on with todays scrap layout.  This one is another one of my daughter Lily.  I know I have way more layouts I should be creating about my son, since I have more photos, but I still find it hard to scrapbook boys, and there's just so much more girly inspired supplies out there.  This page in particular took way longer than I had intended.  I had it almost done but ended up setting it aside for quite some time.  Figured I'd better finish it while I was in a scrappy mood.


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