Monday, 10 February 2014

Superhero party to the rescue

Back in January we celebrated my son's 5th birthday.  I love creating a theme for parties.  I don't usually have much to work with and a pretty strict budget since we are a low income family but with a little creativity and some great free printables found by searching Pinterest I did my best.  Originally it was going to be a Scooby Doo themed party, not a bad theme, I grew up watching and loving Scooby Doo and now my son loves it too, he does love a good monster (and so does mommy). But right when I was putting my plans together on what to serve for food and what to make for decorations he changed his mind.  He had seen a picture on my Pinterest page that was a superhero themed cake and he decided that he wanted a superhero themed party.  So after much perusing and contemplation and with about a day to put it together I came up with this little display for it.

I took some old boxes I had laying around, wrapped them in black wrapping paper cut out yellow paper rectangles and created a simple cityscape. The pompoms and fans were pre-purchased, I just added printed superhero symbols and words like "Kaboom" and "Pow"  I replicated those for the cake and for the cupcake toppers.  In true fashion I ended up cutting myself with the Xacto knife while cutting these out.  The banner on the wall was one of my husbands old comics that I was given permission to cut up (he had to check it's value online first!).
I decided that for food we would have Super dogs for the kids and a make your own "Super" hero sub sandwich bar for the grownups :).  I always make a homemade cake for my kids birthdays.  I grew up getting homemade cakes and I loved it so I do it for mine.   Now I may be creative, but I'm no cake decorator, and I don't have the money for all those awesome supplies or for fondant so I just try to go with simple designs.  In this case I just did polka-dots to mimic old comic book colors.  It didn't turn out the greatest but it tasted great!  It was 4 layers and I dyed them red and blue.  I also made a ton of cupcakes with yellow frosting, . .mmmm.  Seriously getting hungry just thinking about them now.

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